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Transitional to the East African Savannah and the western rain forests .Uganda is Africa’s most complete bird watching destination, with more than 1,000 species recorded within an area comparable to that of Great Britain.

Uganda is a birders’ paradise in Africa. The country has more than half of the bird species found in Africa. It has got more bird species per square kilometer than any other country on the continent. This can be explained by the availability of various bird habitats ranging from; arid, semi-arid, rich savannah, lowland and montane rainforests, vast wetlands, volcanoes and Afro-alpine zone. Birding in Uganda, is one of the most prominent safari activities that Uganda can offer. Uganda’s Birds are mainly found in forests, wetlands, shores of lakes and rivers and game parks/game reserves.

Uganda’s birding habitats range from snow capped mountain tops in the west to semi-arid areas in the north-east; rain forests in the centre and west to open waters of the numerous lakes. This diversity of habitats explains the unique biological diversity which includes endemic and globally threatened species. The bulk of the country lies in tropical Africa with the equator crossing the southern part of the country. It is bounded by the western arm of the rift valley in the west through a range of highlands along the western border including the Rwenzori Mountains and the Virungas in the south-western corner which attract birds endemic to the Albertine rift.