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Our 21 day trip brings you the Ultimate Uganda Safaris; where Savannah meets the rain forest. Expect to see the wildlife of the Savannah (lion, elephant, giraffe, hippo, buffalo and leopard) and up 16 primate species, including Gorillas and Chimpanzees!!! This trip specifically includes the most important and well known places and national parks of Uganda; Murchison falls, Kibale forest, semiliki, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi impenetrable, Mgahinga, Lake Bunyonyi and lake Mburo national parks.

Uganda safaris

  • Game Drives ( safari) on Savannah of Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth and lake Mburo national park
  • Boat trip on the Nile to the Murchison falls, where the Nile is forcing through the gorge and drops 60 meters
  • Spectacular wildlife viewing from the boat on the Nile where it reaches the delta into the delta into the lake Albert See the Chimpanzee and other 12 monkey species in kibale National park
  • Boat trip on the kazinga channel with the biggest hippo concentration and spectacular species of Birds
  • Experience the spectacular hot springs in Semuliki national park

Search for tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park. Meet the Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi national An experience you will never forget! Visit the Golden Monkeys on the slopes of the volcanoes in Mgahinga national park. Enjoy the silence and beautiful landscape of Uganda’s most beautiful lakes Lake Mutanda and lake Do a game walk in Lake Mburo national park to get close to the animals. Visit the local people and people and pygmies and experience their local way of living

Day 1 Arrival to Entebbe

Arrival at Entebbe Airport. Your Guide will be waiting for you. Pick up and proceed to your accommodation.

Day 2 travel to Murchison falls National Park

Today we drive to Murchison falls , our first safari destination. we make a stop along the Nile to see the Karuma falls. afternoon we make our first game drive. Murchison falls is one of the best national parks in Uganda. one of the main attractions in Nile, with spectacular Murchison falls where the whole Nile is forced through a narrow gorge falls 60 meters. Expect to see elephants, giraffes, lions, hippos, crocodiles ,buffaloes and may be leopards.

Day 3 Game Drive and Hiking top of falls

Early morning game drive. After boat trip on the Victoria Nile up the bottom of the falls.

Day 4 Boat cruise on Nile delta

Early morning boat trip on the Nile drive afternoon.The Delta area has the highest concentration of the animals in the Murchison falls and the boat performs a perfect platform to see them This is also the area where the elusive Shoebill stork can be seen.

Day 5 Game Drive – Budongo forest Chimpanzee tracking

Early morning game drive. We visit the top of the falls after words .in the afternoon we drive to Hoima town.its also possible to visit Budongo forest where we can have jungle walk to see monkey and birds(optional)

Day 6 Chimpanzee trekking Kibale forest

After break fast we drive to kibale. You can make a walk around the lodge in the afternoon. During this walk it is possible to see monkeys and Birds. Make a night walk through the forest to the animals of the night , like the bush babies. Kibale is a spectacular jungle with 13 primate species including Chimps, baboons, white and black colombus’ monkey, Grey Cheeked mangabey and L’hoest monkey.

Day 7 Chimpanzee Habituation in Kibale forest

Whole day Chimpanzee Habituation in the forest Return to the lodge for relaxation with sights and sounds of the forests.

Day 8 Birding in Bigodi Swamp

In the morning ,visit Bigodi community swamp for primates and colorful Birds and explore the crater region.

Day 9 Semuliki National Park

After words transfer to semuliki national park and visit the sempaya hot springs in the afternoon . Semuliki is a unique jungle in East Africa ,Part of the Congo Eco-system.

Day 10 Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National park on our way pass the equator we will make a stop game drive in the afternoon. Queen Elizabeth is one the best place in Uganda to see lions many hippos, crocodiles, Buffalo and may be leopards.

Day 11 Game Drive – Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel

Game drive in the morning .Boat trip on the Kazinga channel is one of the highlights of Uganda and has the highest concentration of hippos in the whole world.

Day 12 Chimpanzee Tracking in Kyambura Gorge

Early morning chimpanzee tracking in the kyambura gorge in the afternoon , you can enjoy a relaxing forest walk in the Maramagambo forest.

Day 13 Ishasha Game Drive

After breakfast and relaxation we drive through Queen Elizabeth national park to ishasha sector in the south . Game drive in the afternoon in search for the tree climbing lions. In ishasha there are 4 prides of the lions that climb trees. Unique in the world! The other attraction of the ishasha are topi, not found anywhere else in this national park.

Day 14 Ishasha – Bwindi forest Gorilla

Early morning game drive in ishasha to see the tree climbing lions. After words we drive to Bwindi impenetrable forest .on our we pass through intresting villages and have some breath taking views of the mountains. Bwindi impenetrable is unique jungle with many monkey species. Bwindi is one of the two places in the whole world where you can find Mountain Gorillas.

Day 15 Gorilla tracking in Bwindi

Gorilla tracking !!! early morning departure with your ranger to search for of the most intresting and endangered animal, the mountain Gorilla. you will spend our hour with one of our closest relatives .An experience you will never forget.

Day 16 Boat Cruise on Lake Mutanda

Transfer to lake mutanda, one of the most Beautiful places in Uganda. on a clear day you can the 3 volcanoes in the distance .Relax at the lodge and enjoy a boat trip on the lake.

Day 17 visit Pygmies in Bwindi

Relax at the lodge. Any activity for the day- boat trip on the lake to the surrounding island including the punishment island and python island, walk a long the lake or to the local people, go for swimming or visit pygmies.

Day 18 Mgahinga National Park

Visit Mgahinga national park and do one of the activities there. Stay near the lake .visit the Golden monkeys. Mgahinga national park is part of the Virunga volcanoes and borders Rwanda’s volcanoes national park. Apart from mountain Gorillas, the stars of Mgahinga are Golden Monkeys, a subspecies of the Blue Monkey.

Day 19 Lake Bunyonyi Birding

Transfer to lake Bunyonyi ;the deepest and one of the most beautiful lakes in Uganda, we sleep on one of the beautiful islands .possible activities nature walk ,bird watching, canoeing, take a swim, visit the local community .one activity included.

Day 20 Bunyonyi – Lake Mburo National Park

After break fast we drive to lake Mburo national park. Game drive in the afternoon. it is also possible to make the boat trip on the lake. Night game drive with high chances of seeing, leopards. lake Mburo is one of the 2 national parks with Zebras, the only national park with impalas in Uganda .There are no elephants and only male lion, so walking safaris possible.

Day 21 Morning Game Drive – Kampala / Entebbe

Game drive in the morning if time allows.its also possible to do a game walk to get face to face with the animals. We drive to Entebbe for outbound flight. We shall make a stop over at the equator for photos